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Авторский трек: Dj Yakeen feat. Efim Kerbut - We are (Prewiev) [Soundwaves Records]

  • Dj Yakeen feat. Efim Kerbut - We are (Prewiev) [Soundwaves Records]

    Авторский трек House Progressive House Electro House
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Dj Yakeen feat. Efim Kerbut - Dirty.

New and Exclusive Amazing Sounds. Dj Yakeen and Efim Kerbut, Very Nice "House Tracks" Ready To The

Efim Kerbut was born August 9, 1985. Lives in Moscow. The music way was very difficult and long. Because of his lion and restless nature, young Efim amazed the variety of his interests and activities, he was interested in almost everything. His only love in school was sport - karate, football. But finally his choice fell on basketball ... He played in different teams and took part in competitions. On the weekends he sometimes played music in school parties. Besides all this, Efim attended music school. But patience and strong supervision of his father - composer ,were not enough to end the music school. However, these lessons gave him basic knowledge that could be useful later in life. After school, Efim was fond of rock music. He learned to play the guitar, and, of course, met with his friends at the rehearsals.

Yakeen's (Alexey Yakin) career of Dj began in 2002. Over time, his musical preferences formed his own style. In 2009 on Radio "RECORD - Perm" Dj Yakeen started his own radio show "Yak-140" in which he plays his own mixes and tracks, as well as mixes and tracks of the invited guests.

Delivered by Label Worx on behalf of Soundwaves

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