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Alex Sunlight — real name Anton ( Alex Sunlight axe Future Breeze Touchstone ) was Born 09.10.1986 year in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg ! Now living in Poland town of Poznan in 2010 ! Alex began his career as a DJ and musician since 1999, when trance still was not as widespread as it is now in 2016. Alex Saynlayt began studying music with the fact that from childhood he showed a desire to make music and listen to fly day and night ! And now Alex has decided to become a musician and a DJ and when he still didn’t have the necessary equipment in order to fully play and feel like a true electronic musician and performer ! Alex played his music on a cassette tape that previously was fashionable and when there were no CDs and there were tapes and vinyls ! And here come those years when Alex was already firmly stand on my feet as a musician and DJ at this time already began to appear the CDs, and in this time Alex bought his first DJ booth and where he began to hone skills on real equipment ! But it is not enough to consider myself as a musician and DJ equipment with the DJ booth , Alex graduated from music school in the City of Yekaterinburg where he played on fortepiano and the violin ! Then Alex did a course in DJ and musician and where he received his diploma as a musician and DJ since 2005 ! Alex has produced a series of radio show program called Global Trance Session Radioshow from 2005 to 2009 inclusive
In 2009 Alex started a different show called in Night Movement ( Movement In The Night Radioshow ) releases from 2009 to 20016, inclusive and during this period of long years of work Alex has released 180 editions of the radio show.
2016 Alex runs the latest and most important work and show a program called as «Trance forever» ( 4Ever Of Trance Radioshow ) and it will be a legendary show for Alex Sunlight


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