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Авторский трек: Pacific Night (original mix)


al l bo - Pacific Night (2023) / Single

Songwriting (composer, lyricist), lead and back vocals, instrumental mix, mixing and mastering, production by Alexander 'al l bo' Bobrov

Song lyrics

Verse 1
You're so beautiful in evening ride,
driving car. I'm right there, so happy.
Just calm of ocean and turtles in headlight,
Little time before sunset.

It was the summer time of twenty nineteenth,
glitzy highway on West coast.
That was the last night i enjoyed the life.
I stayed forever in moment,
forever that moment.

One way to ride up to the sky!
One love to fall in that pacific night!

Verse 2
Beyond this line, everything has changed:
My story is over, I'm like someone else.
I want to go back to find myself, but I can't,
just passing through the same place.

You're so beautiful as ever, smiling
at the evening sun, like sparkle of the ocean.
but this is not the night when I feel alive.
I stuck forever in moment.
forever that moment.

(C) 2023 Alexander Bobrov

#disco #funk #pop #powerpop #synthpop #retrowave #nudisco #indiedance #indie

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Стиль: Disco
Записан: 11 октября 2023
Добавлен: 11 октября 2023, 06:57
BPM: 115
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