al | bo

PROTOP100 России


Songwriter / vocals / phonogramm - Alexander Bobrov (Moscow, Russia)

Instrumental mix / Arrangement - Rimos (Casablanca, Marocco)

* * *

al l bo - Casablanca

Songwriter - Alexander Bobrov

Verse 1

What's a beautiful song

in that beautiful night?

Hear it! You will find

love and miracle

in Casablanca.

Like a magical spell,

hidden magnet of life,

It call for the time

of experience

in Casablanca.



you're in miracle enter

for the desert way-farer 

to the castle of love!


you're in miracle enter

after long desert travel, 

but i pleased of my trove.


Verse 2

Desert winds like a clasp

mat all our paths.

It's time for the chance

lost in love

in Casablanca.

Hurts, we had, pass away

By the ocean breath.

Leave in sunset the wrath

for new sunrise

in Casablanca.

* * * 

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Стиль: Deep House
Записан: 01 января 2018
Добавлен: 10 января 2018, 17:25
BPM: 121

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