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    Long ago in 1982 on the 17th of April 62 miles far from Moscow there was born a boy named Igor, very quiet and modest. 15 years later Igor came interested in electronics, constructing different radio receivers, transmitters and another electrical engines. In 1997 Igor started creating his own music, using PC. 3 years later Igor strongly felt love with music, trance was his favorite style that time, as he was a dreamer. He used each opportunity to upgrade his PC for the sake of creating and competent and high quality music. As a result some of his own works and remixes have begun to participate in play lists of small radio stations already in 2000. That time he decided to be not only a musician, but also a DJ and began his concert activity in clubs. Igors experience has grown, he continued creating his music and playing it on different parties. Else 4 years later Igor began to create his own music projects and to produce them. Beginning with 2003 to 2005 Igor had experience of working with a lot of stars of Russian show business, making remixes for them. In 2005 Igor being a grown up professional musician decided to reach the next goal: to become a successful artist in Russia and the nearest countries. In spite of the fact, that his real name is Igor Shumilin, he takes a pseudo name DJ Sveshnikov, as Sveshnikov as a second name of his past girl, she was with him during all his period of growing up to become a professional musician. At the end of 2005 DJ Sveshnikov meets young Ukrainian producer and musician DJ Sender and shows him his new work named Love You More. After that DJ Sender includes this track to his mixes. Igor gave up his interest to trance and began producing Eectro&House in Russia. Some later Igor creates two new tracks Nicotine and Dirty Rock. These tracks were highly appreciated by a lot of professional DJs of Russia and nearest countries. In 2006 tracks by DJ Sveshnikov Nicotine and Dirty Rock are practically always in play list of Saturdays show by Sergey Pimenov (PPK) on Dynamite FM (Russia, Moscow 101.2Fm). In March 2006 track by DJ Sveshnikov Nicotine gets in hot rotation of the most progressive radio St-Petersburg "Radio-Record", after that he receives the offer from Sergey Pimenov (PPK) to release of an album. And in May, 2006 he releases the first album under the same name "NICOTINE" on the biggest label of electronic music Uplifto Records. Beginning with July 2006 Igor began his own work as a producer of different music projects. Now DJ Sveshnikov is one of the most famous musicians and DJs in Russia. One can hear his tracks in thousand clubs, they are in play lists of Internet radio stations. Every day he attains more and more admirers of his creativity.


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