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    • Ambient Breakbeat
    Ambient Dub, Breakbeat, Broken Beat, Drill'n'bass, Electro, Electro-Jazz, Electronica, Experimental Dub, Experimental Electro, Experimental Techno, Glitch, Hard IDM, IDM, Illbient, Indie Electronic, Left-field House, Microhouse





    Having visited at concert The Prodigy Kiev in 1998 has started to take a great interest in electronic music, before was simply the listener. Wrote tracks in primitive programs for that period - so simply experimented. Walked with friends in night clubs - admiring domestic DJ. Well, somehow to a scene especially it was not torn, simply liked to listen and dance. Took a great interest in more design of clothes and an art drawing. Having left school in 2001 has arrived in technical university. In 2003 it is casual in hands program Reason has got - has found in the radio-market, and has rushed - I have grown fond of it... During the same period friend DJ Sasha Pro has thrown Tractor - has started to write down the first data, well somehow liked to make music itself more. Silently - peacefully kept the house and experimented in Reasone. In 2005 has left to Kareliya on the compelled circumstances - work there was, where and to this day I work. 2005 - 2006 has written down the first album Master Tempo - then there was my project p.f.s. (progressive future people). 2007 - 2008 - time for music was very little - there was a girl. But has got to itself midi and already did music in Ableton. 2009 - has densely practised music - a current it and I live...





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