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Радио-шоу: Dance Energy #109 [Radio Record Future 24.03.2023]


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Dance Energy is a weekly podcast featuring the latest edm music. Each episode is a mix composed by Max Roven of tracks in the Dance, House, Bass, Electro and Bigroom styles. The release contains tracks from famous artists as well as new names from the world of edm music.

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Soundcloud: max-roven
Facebook: marovishen
Instagram: maxrovishen

Другие треки Max Roven

  • Dance Energy #117 [Radio Record Future 26.05.2023]
    She Doesn't Mind (Extended Mix)
    All I Care (Extended Mix)
    My Eyes (Extended Mix)
    Both Sides Of My Heart (Club Mix)
    JUMP! (Extended Mix)
    Dimension (Extended Mix)
    Swallow Me (Extended Mix)
    Cake Like Aoki (Extended Mix)
    Acapella ft. Francis La Potencia & Twentyone (Extended Mix)
    New Hope (Extended Mix)
    Cinderella (Dan Heale Remix)
    Broken (Original Mix)
    Mammoth (Chasner Remix)
    Lost In The Rhythm (Extended Mix)
    Missing (Sonny Noto Remix)
    Dance With Me (Extended Mix)
    Monkey Beatz (Extended Mix)
    Right Now (Extended Mix)
    Sweet Symphony (Extended Mix)
    Blue Monday (Extended Mix)
    Drumz (Extended Mix)
    60:22 162 раза 141 MB, 320 kbps 22
  • Dance Energy #116 [Radio Record Future 19.05.2022]
    Sin City (Extended Mix)
    Place Unknown (Extended Mix)
    Don't Need To Love (Extended Mix)
    Face Your Fears (Extended Mix)
    Friends (Extended Mix)
    Sweet Love (Extended Mix)
    Be With You (Original Mix)
    Everyday (Extended Mix)
    Flash (Extended Mix)
    Protocol (Extended Mix)
    Pivot (Extended Mix)
    Prayer (Extended Mix)
    Aspirin (Extended Mix)
    Catchin' Fire (Extended Mix)
    Man On The Run (Miami Edit Mix)
    Dance With Somebody (Extended Mix)
    Anywhere With You (Extended Mix)
    Sweat (Extended Mix)
    Hawt (JADED Remix)
    Get Up On Your Feet (Extended Mix)
    Anybody Else (feat. Rachel Morgan Perry) (Extended Mix)
    59:53 279 раз 140 MB, 320 kbps 32
  • Live @ Record Video Stream (18-05-2023)
    Escapism (dEVOLVE Remix)
    Best You Ever Had (Extended Mix)
    I Need A Miracle (Extended Mix)
    Don't Need Drugs (Extended Mix)
    OMG (Extended Mix)
    Dom Dom Yes Yes (Extended Mix)
    Turn Off The Lights (JEEK Touch)
    Drop That Low (Extended Mix)
    Party day (Extended Mix)
    Pump It (Extended Mix)
    My Humps (Saxaq & Max Roven Remix)
    ALALA (Extended Mix)
    I'm Sayin (Original Mix)
    Red Alert vs. Walking On A Dream (Mashup)
    Oi Oi Oi (Extended Mix)
    RATATA (Ronny Berna MVP Remix)
    Frequency (Extended Mix)
    Shakes (Extended Mix)
    Lambo (Extended Mix)
    Hot Peppers (Extended Mix)
    Popcorn (Rework)
    Shockwave (Extended Mix)
    By Your Side (Extended Mix)
    After Midnight (feat. Xoro) (Extended Mix)
    59:27 157 раз 136 MB, 320 kbps 18
  • V Ritme Tanca (May Edition)
    Luv You (Intro Edit)
    Tokyo Drift (Dacti x Ryzo Mash)
    Mundian To Bach Ke (Louis X Remix)
    Gasolina (DJ Atme Edit)
    Amaga (DJ Baur Mixshow)
    Takata (Extended Mix)
    Наступит ночь (DJ Baldit Edit)
    Thot Shit ('Pump' Bootleg)
    PBJ (Extended Mix)
    Baby Don't Hurt Me (Smoothies & Sico Vox Remix)
    On & On (Extended Mix)
    Living On Video (VIP Mix)
    Hold My Love (Extended Mix)
    Ты меня забудь (DJ Baldin Edit)
    Candy Shop (Bass King Mash)
    Still Dree (Nikita Rise Blend)
    AYОЙ (Bass King Blend)
    Work (Angelo The Kid Remix)
    Bucky Done Gun (Richensky Easy Mash Up)
    Asphalt 8 (Miau Blend)
    Никаких больше Малиновых Лад (Bazz Mash Up)
    Samba De Janeiro (Mike & Me Bootleg)
    Little Bad Girl (SNEISEN Remix)
    Glamorous (G-POL Edit)
    57:50 346 раз 132 MB, 320 kbps 76
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