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Музыка LTJ YArd

LTJ YArd - 2021

  • Balearic Moments (Original Mix)
    I Can Feel (Extended Mix)
    Valley Of Hope (Extended Mix)
    Rise & Fall (Extended Mix)
    Learn To Fall (Extended Mix)
    Weather The Storm (Progressive Mix)
    How Does It Feel (Aurosonic Extended Remix)
    You Are Loved (Extended Mix)
    Far Away (Extended Mix)
    Sunrise (Extended Mix)
    Atum (Original Mix)
    Deeper Soul (Anven Extended Remix)
    Freedom Of Life (RnaDh3 Remix)
    Tale Of Us (Progressive Mix)
    To The Stars (Extended Mix)
    Bluestone (Original Mix)
    Space (Extended Mix)
    All Smoke & Mirrors (Costa Extended Mix)
    Overwhelming (Extended Mix)
    Tonight (Extended Mix)
    Strangers (Original Mix)
    Sunlight (Extended Mix)
    Always Be My Friend (Extended Mix)
    Galactika (Extended Mix)
    Wake Up (Aimoon Remix)
    Uplift Yourself (Original Mix)
    Set Me To Light (Daniel Kandi Extended Remix)
    Flying (Extended Mix)
    Send It (Original Mix)
    Spirit (Extended Mix)
    165:41 277 раз 379 MB, 320 kbps 48
  • Higher Ground (Costa & Aurosonic Extended Mix)
    Be With Me (Extended Mix)
    Way of Life (Extended Mix)
    Get The Light (Extended Mix)
    Flight 234 (Original Mix)
    Iris (Original Mix)
    Memories (303 Dreams Remix)
    Here (Extended Mix)
    Mir (Maywave Remix)
    Daydream (Original Mix)
    Lost (Extended Mix)
    I Remeber (Extended Mix)
    Give Light (Progressive Mix)
    We Drive Into The Night (Extended Mix)
    Kinesis (Original Mix)
    Back To You (Koyah Extended Mix)
    Integration (Amy Wiles Remix)
    Ever (Sun Spot Remix)
    Polarity (Original Mix)
    Savenight (Extended Mix)
    Retrospect (Original Mix)
    Levitation (Original Mix)
    Stranger Inside (Aimoon Remix)
    Waterfall (Original Mix)
    Coming Over Me (Original Mix)
    Cold Like The Sky (Full Trance Vocal Extended Mix)
    True To Myself (Tycoos Extended Remix)
    Good Bye (Original Mix)
    Guardian Of Dreams (Extended Mix)
    Heavenly Creation (Original Mix)
    174:49 384 раза 400 MB, 320 kbps 59

LTJ YArd - 2020

  • Can I Count On You (Extended Mix)
    Need You Now (Extended Mix)
    Lightning (Extended Mix)
    You'll Be Fine (Progressive Mix)
    Cascadia (Original Mix)
    What Are We Fighting For (Extended Mix)
    Faster (Extended Mix)
    The Spirit Of_Summer (ActiveBlaze Extended Remix)
    Someone Like You (Original Mix)
    Where We Begin (Aurosonic Extended Remix)
    Dance With Me (Original Mix)
    Dreamland (Extended Mix)
    Call I`ll Be There (Extended Mix)
    Rule The World (Extended Mix)
    Stealing Time (Markus Schulz In Search Of Sunrise Extended Rework)
    2 Chance (Original Mix)
    Sound of The Alarm (Extended Mix)
    Love And Hate (Original Mix)
    Free (Extended Mix)
    Supermoon (Original Mix)
    Testament (Original Mix)
    Euphoria (Extended Mix)
    Blinding Lights (Extended Mix)
    Bullet In The Gun [Reloaded] (Extended Mix)
    The Landslide (Extended Mix)
    Mina (Extended Mix)
    Call Me Back To You (Extended Mix)
    Sail The Stormy Waters (Miikka L Extended Mix)
    Capture The Sun (Original Mix)
    Still Got Time (Kaimo K Extended Mix)
    163:22 343 раза 374 MB, 320 kbps 55
  • I Wouldve Stayed (Extended Mix)
    Morning Flight (Original Mix)
    Hold Me Now (Extended Mix)
    Reverie (Above & Beyond Extended Club Mix)
    Jamaica (Original Mix)
    Miles Away (Extended Mix)
    Chase the Sun (Original Mix)
    Light It Up (Extended Mix)
    Silhouette (Original Mix)
    On The Road (Vocal Mix)
    By Your Side (Extended Mix)
    There`s A Storm (Extended Mix)
    Dagger (Extended Mix)
    Not One Goodbye (Extended Mix)
    When You See Me (Dream Travel Remix)
    Luminary (Original Mix)
    Legendary Places (Extended Mix)
    Sanctuary (Extended Mix)
    Summer Days (Extended Mix)
    Don't (GRUE Remix)
    Believe In Yourself (Lasse Macbeth Extended Mix))
    Morning Flight (Ryan K Remix)
    Another Day (Original Mix)
    Serenity (Original Mix)
    Too Far Tonight (Extended Mix)
    Empty Heart Again (Extended Mix)
    Hold My Hand (Extended Mix)
    One With Me (Joel Hirsch Extended Remix)
    The Labyrinth (Original Mix)
    La Luna (Extended Mix)
    165:33 174 раза 379 MB, 320 kbps 34
  • Falling (Extended Mix)
    Hard To Love (Trance Reserve Remix)
    Miss You (Extended Mix)
    The Secret Garden (Extended Mix)
    Feel Your Light (Extended Mix)
    Uyuni (Original Mix)
    Becoming (Extended Mix)
    Wedding Day (Sharona Remix)
    Go Away (Original Mix)
    Beautiful Chains (Extended Mix)
    Hold On To Your Dreams (Original Mix)
    Trust The Water To Settle (Extended Mix)
    Giedi Prime (Extended Mix)
    Forgiven (Original Mix)
    Stranger Inside (Extended Mix)
    Warp Drive (Original Mix)
    Loving Heart (Original Mix)
    Home (Extended Mix)
    Oceans Call (Extended Mix)
    BLVE (Extended Mix)
    The Perfect Storm Chris Element (Extended Mix)
    Pacific (Original Mix)
    Somewhere Inside (Bogdan Vix & Claudiu Adam Extended Remix)
    What You Dont Know (Extended Mix)
    Sense (Cris Grey Extended Remix)
    Let It Shine (Extended Mix)
    It`ll End In Tears Sean Tyas (Extended Remix)
    You're In My Orbit (Extended Mix)
    Calling Card (Extended Mix)
    Till The Night Closes In (Extended Mix)
    164:35 219 раз 377 MB, 320 kbps 58
  • From Dust To Ground (Progressive Mix)
    So Deep (Original Mix)
    In Euphoria We Rise (Progressive Mix)
    Lost Emotion (Original Mix)
    Sunrise In Tallinn (Original Mix)
    Afterglow (Extended Mix)
    Reverie (Michael Fearon Extended Remix)
    Lone Warrior (Extended Mix)
    Starlight (Costa Extended Remix)
    Hiya (Extended Mix)
    Never Fade (Extended Mix)
    A Sign of Life (Original Mix)
    Retake (feat Tina Ferinetti) (Original Mix)
    The Darkest Light (Myon Extended Club Mix)
    Reverie (Elypsis Extended Remix)
    Midnight Blues (Ovnimoon Remix)
    Elisa (Extended Mix)
    Black & White (Stefre Roland Remix)
    The Last To Know (Extended Mix)
    Love Deep Like Ocean (Original Mix)
    Technology (Original Mix)
    Want You To Go (Aimoon Extended Remix)
    Take Me With You (Extended Mix)
    Alive (Original Mix)
    Crystalline (Extended Mix)
    City of Angels (Mhammed El Alami Extended Remix)
    Unity (Original Mix)
    Your Voice (Original Mix)
    When The Mask Falls (Extended Mix)
    Children 2k20 (Original Mix)
    167:39 228 раз 384 MB, 320 kbps 48

LTJ YArd - 2019

  • All Fall Down (Extended Mix)
    Astral Haven (Extended Mix)
    Teardrop On Her Face (Original Mix)
    Never Be The Same (ALPHA 9 Extended Remix)
    Radiance (Ciree Remix)
    Supersonic (Extended Mix)
    Pooperling (Original Mix)
    Hurt Yourself (Extended Mix)
    Eternal (Original Mix)
    Shadows (Original Mix)
    Belief Without Sight (Extended Mix)
    Summer Night (Original Mix)
    Shivohum (Extended Mix)
    Airtight (Original Mix)
    Story Of Your Heart (Extended Mix)
    Lost In You (Extended Mix)
    Stay (Extended Mix)
    You Don't Know Me (Original Mix)
    Wait For You (Extended Mix)
    It's You (Extended Mix)
    Another Life (Original Mix)
    Clarity (Extended Mix)
    Just You (Extended Mix)
    Maengo (Alex Wright Extended Remix)
    Connected (Original Mix)
    Abstrakt (Extended Mix)
    You Light Up The Night (Dustin Husain Extended Remix)
    Within My Dreams (Extended Mix)
    Maria (Extended Mix)
    Just One Second (Original Mix)
    153:18 399 раз 351 MB, 320 kbps 48
  • Red Sky (Extended Mix)
    Benalmadena (Original Mix)
    Exoverse (Origin Mix)
    Taderu (Original Mix)
    Forward Forever (Tripswitch Club Mix)
    Alliance (Extended Mix)
    Embrace The Dawn (Extended Mix)
    Always (Extended Mixt)
    Life Size (Original Mix)
    Ethereal (David Broaders Remix)
    Groundbreaker (LTN Original Mix)
    Sheeverz (Extended Mix)
    Vikings (Extended Mix)
    Rise Above The Sun (Extended Mix)
    S.O.S. (Extended Mix)
    Holding On (Club Mix)
    Not Earth Sleep (Original Mix)
    Rising Of Our Sun (NyTiGen 2019 Remix)
    Innocente (Sam Mitcham Extended Remix)
    Be Mine (Extended Mix)
    Holi (Original Mix)
    Sky (Dennis Sheperd Remix Edit)
    Redemption (Dreamcast Remix)
    Transit (Master Mix)
    Take Everything (Standerwick Extended Remix)
    I'll Be Gone (Nitrous Oxide Extended Remix)
    Watching the Waves (Original Mix)
    No Soy Yo (Extended Mix)
    Voice Planet (Original Mix)
    Direct Observation (Original Mix)
    167:25 364 раза 383 MB, 320 kbps 56
  • Cold Summer (Extended Mix)
    Blue (Sunny Lax Extended Remix)
    All I Need (Frailai Extended Remix)
    Forgotten Fields (Dj Version)
    Never Alone (Original Mix)
    Daisy (Original Mix)
    Echo Of My Soul (Denis Kenzo Extended Mix)
    We`ll Be Alright (Original Mix)
    Self Control (Original Mix)
    What Else Is There To Love (Extended Mix)
    Rise Like Smoke (Extended Club Mix)
    Breeze (Extended Mix)
    The Water s Edge (Elypsis Extended Remix)
    You Know Why (Extended Mix)
    Hold On To You (Whiteout Extended Remix)
    We Are The Universe (Extended Mix)
    Skyward (Extended Mix)
    All Of You (Extended Mix)
    Zodiac Sign (Extended Club Mix)
    Beautiful Dreams (Original Mix)
    Underwater World (John O+AGA-Callaghan Remixt)
    Freefall (Vibrant Radio Mix)
    Stop Talking (Remake)
    Ask Me Anything (Suncatcher & Exolight Extended Mix)
    Above All (Extended Mix)
    Thousand Pieces (Extended Mix)
    Awakening (Piano Intro Mix)
    After Time (Extended Mix)
    Space Of Emptiness (Extended Mix)
    Paradise Cove (Extended Mix)
    160:07 175 раз 367 MB, 320 kbps 30
  • Night Dreamers (Extended Mix)
    Oh Darling (Extended Mix)
    Sunshower (Extended Mix)
    Leave Me Here (Extended Mix)
    Fly In Freedom (Original Mix)
    Never Give Up (Baltic Waves) (Extended Mix)
    Farplane (Original Mix)
    Beautiful Life (Classic Bonus Track)
    Travel (Original Mix)
    The Flight Over Mongolia (Arystona Remix)
    Antivenom (Original Mix)
    Wings Of The Wind (Original Mix)
    Idee Fixe (Costa Extended Remix)
    Whispers (LTN Remix)
    Adore You (Denis Kenzo Remix)
    A Day Without Rain (Costa Extended Remix)
    Inside A Dream (Extended Mix)
    I Believe In Love (Andy Powell Remix)
    Zero Gravity (Proglift Staccato Bass Mix)
    The Sky Tells Me (Original Mix)
    Golden (Extended Mix)
    All Over Again (Extended Mix)
    Deja Vu (Extended Mix)
    In The Twilight (Original Mix)
    Spring Is Always Somewhere Else (Dan Stone Extended Remix)
    After You (Original Mix)
    Can`t Run Underwater (Original Mix)
    Incantation (Extended Mix)
    Broken Wings (Extended Mix)
    Lift (Extended Mix)
    164:46 407 раз 377 MB, 320 kbps 41

LTJ YArd - 2018

  • Ask Me Anything (Extended Mix)
    An Autumn Tale (Original Mix)
    All I Need (Progressive Mix)
    Without You (2011 DJ Mix)
    Tell Me Anything (Original Mix)
    Born Again (Denis Kenzo Remix)
    Love Until It Hurts (Aurosonic Progressive Remix)
    See The Sun (Aurosonic Remix)
    Vulnerable (Denis Kenzo Extended)
    Open Your Eyes (Progressive Mix)
    Who I Am (Extended Mix)
    Crown Of Thorns (Aurosonic Remix)
    The Force Of The Blow (Original Mix)
    They Wait For Us (Progressive Mix)
    Dancing In The Dark (Extended Mix)
    Can You Hear Me (Radio Edit)
    Deep In My Heart (Original Mix)
    What I See (Original Mix)
    Find The Light (Original Mix)
    I Still Remember (Museartic Remix)
    Sunshine Blue (Extended Mix)
    Lifetime Change (Original Mix)
    Desert Rain (Frainbreeze Remix)
    Listen (Original Mix)
    Where Are You (Denis Kenzo Remix)
    Will Be Forever (Original Mix)
    More Time (Original Mix)
    Sunrise (Original Mix)
    Your Land (Denis Kenzo Remix)
    Run Away (Extended Mix)
    177:35 954 раза 1 407 MB, 320 kbps 212

LTJ YArd - 2017

  • Synthetic (Mango vs. We Are All Astronauts Remix)
    Let Love Live (Original mix)
    Only In Dreams (Original Mix)
    North To South (LTN Extended Sunrise Remix)
    Venture (LTN Remix)
    Colors (Original Mix)
    Atoms (Original Mix)
    Smile 4 Yourself (Rafa EL feat. Angel Falls Remix)
    Cruisin (Original Mix)
    The Bends (Original Mix)
    Chemistry (LTN Sunrise Remix)
    Another You (Gundamea Remix)
    Higher (LTN Sunrise Remix)
    Our Love Never Dies (Original Mix)
    Dreamcatcher (LTN Remix)
    Sweet Surrender (Gregory Esayan Remix)
    Another Day (Gundamea Remix)
    Don t Be Shy (Jamie Pirie Remix)
    It s Always Been You (Sunlight Project Remix)
    Black & White (Original Mix)
    Fall Down (Kadian Remix)
    Dreams (Jayeson Andel Remix)
    Kick Drums & Red Wine (Dezza Extended Mix)
    Remember (Blood Groove & Kikis Extended Remix)
    Nirvana (Original Mix)
    Distance (Original Mix)
    Star Field (Original Mix)
    Aria (Original Mix)
    Eva (Extended Mix)
    Ou est mon prince (Original Mix)
    One Thousand Suns (Soundprank Extended Vocal Mix)
    Having Opened Your Night (Original Mix)
    Santorini (Noise Zoo Summer Remix)
    Before Long (Evave Remix)
    Lehissia (Original Mix)
    Marakesh (Original Mix)
    Desert Rain (Frainbreeze Remix)
    179:34 263 раза 411 MB, 320 kbps 49