LTJ YArd - 2024

  • TranceBest-2024-Q1
    Temple In My Heart (Extended Mix)
    White Sand (Original Mix)
    Coma (Milkwish Extended Mix)
    Wake Up (Costa Extended Mix)
    Sky Chaser (Extended Mix)
    Parallax (Original Mix)
    I Just Got To Fight It (Original Mix)
    I See The Dark (Extended Mix)
    Fight For You (Extended Mix)
    Something Special To Give (Extended Mix)
    Mirror Of My Dreams (Extended Mix)
    Sands in Time (Original Mix)
    Stardust (Extended Mix)
    Teleport (Extended Mix)
    Without You (Extended Mix)
    Run (Daniel Kandi Extended Remix)
    Friendship (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Extended Remix)
    Nano (Extended Mix)
    In the Rain (Extended Mix)
    Moonlight (Extended Mix)
    Need Your Love (Original Mix)
    Let Yourself Be Loved (Extended Mix)
    Just Wait (Evebe Extended Remix)
    You re So High (10 Years On) (Sasha Extended Remix)
    Impossible (Extended Mix)
    One More Time (Extended Mix)
    Fira (Extended Mix)
    Silence of the Night (Extended Mix)
    Forget About Us (Extended Mix)
    Quicksand (Extended Mix)
    162:03 456 раз 371 MB, 320 kbps 60

LTJ YArd - 2023

  • TranceBest-2023-Q4
    Over The Mountains (Extended Mix)
    Ethereal (Extended Mix)
    On My Own (Original Mix)
    One More Sunrise (Extended Mix)
    Safe In Your Arms (Extended Mix)
    You`re Still The One (Extended Mix)
    Careless (Extended)
    Into The Unknown (Extended Mix)
    Undertow (DJ Version)
    Ares (Extended Mix)
    Kenmore (Meant To Be) (Nitrous Oxide Extended Remix)
    Drifting Away (Marsh Extended Remix)
    Shamed (Extended Mix)
    Celebration (Buzz William Extended Remix)
    Lost Civilizations (Original Mix)
    house in the streetlight (Extended Mix)
    Stronger (Extended Mix)
    Wild Heart (Soul Lifters Extended Remix)
    Destiny (Extended Mix)
    Stay with Me (Original Mix)
    Magical Sleep (Efemgie Remix)
    Perfect Synergy (Extended Mix)
    In Your Brain (Original Mix)
    Inside My Head (Herby van CF Remix Extended Mix)
    Purely Beautiful (Extended Mix)
    Milk Beds (Extended Mix)
    Lost Skies (Extended Mix)
    Big Dreams (Extended Mix)
    A Stranger (Extended Mix)
    Falling For You (Extended Mix)
    160:06 479 раз 367 MB, 320 kbps 61
  • TranceBest-2023-Q3
    Andaman Spirits (Original Extended)
    Ever After (Original Mix)
    If You Only Knew (Extended Mix)
    One More Day (Extended Mix)
    Everything Harder (Extended Mix)
    Horizon (Extended Mix)
    Rise up Higher (Original Mix)
    Time (Extended Mix)
    Sunny Side Up (Extended Mix)
    Draw Me Closer (Extended Mix)
    Black On Blue (Extended Mix)
    Ocean (Orjan Nilsen Extended Remix)
    Far Beyond (Extended Mix)
    Skyward (Original Mix)
    Whole (Extended Mix)
    I Got You (Extended Mix)
    Have My Heart (Extended Mix)
    Leaving Me (Extended Mix)
    Hope to Wonder (Deme3us Extended Mix)
    Tributary (Extended Mix)
    Sovereign (Ultimate Extended Remix)
    Be The Same (Extended Mix)
    You Are Enough (Haikal Ahmad & Vision X Extended Remix)
    Athanasia (Extended Mix)
    Take Me On A Journey (Josh Ferrin Extended Mix)
    Does It Have To Feel This Hard (Extended Mix)
    Sapphire Eyes (Another Vision) (Extended Mix)
    Etheria (Original Mix)
    These Moments (DJ T.H. Remix)
    Finally Able (Extended Mix)
    167:20 310 раз 383 MB, 320 kbps 49
  • TranceBest-2023-Q2
    Fool`s Gold (Extended Mix)
    It`s Only Us That`s Here (Extended Mix)
    A Bit Like Yesterday (Original)
    Reflections (Extended Mix)
    Otherworld (Extended Mix)
    Thrive (Jaytech Extended Remix)
    Warm Evening (Original Mix)
    A Moment To Feel (Extended Mix)
    Left The Ground (Extended Mix)
    Fly Away (Original Mix)
    Meari (PITTARIUS CODE Extended Remix)
    Beholder (Extended Mix)
    Holding On (Extended Mix)
    Between the Stars (Extended Mix)
    Tension (Extended Mix)
    The Perfect Storm (Extended Mix)
    Father (Extended Mix)
    Stay (Extended Mix)
    Reunited In One Flame (Extended Mix)
    Everything You Heard (Extended Mix)
    Take Me Or Leave Me (Original Mix)
    Tachysensia (Extended Mix)
    Blossom (Extended Mix)
    Beyond Horizons (Extended Mix)
    In Love With Spring (Extended Mix)
    Take Me On A Journey (Extended Mix)
    Beautiful Life (Shine Ibiza Anthem 2023) (Extended)
    Roana`s Dream (Extended Mix)
    Neverland (Extended Mix)
    Out of My Dreams (Original Mix)
    173:23 313 раз 398 MB, 320 kbps 54

LTJ YArd - 2022

  • TranceBest-2022-Q4
    Take My Hand (Extended Mix)
    Children Of Egypt (Original Mix)
    Follow the Waves (Heard Right Extended Remix)
    Morning Sun (Extended Mix)
    Deep Love (Original Mix)
    Fall (Extended Miix)
    Twin Flame (Extended Mix)
    Unkissed by You (Extended)
    Somebody To Save You (Extended Mix)
    Ain't No love (Extended Mix)
    Real To Me (Extended Mix)
    Last Train Home (Original Mix)
    Hold Me (Extended Mix)
    Love Will Never Die (Extended Mix)
    Forgiven Not Forgotten (Extended Mix)
    Anywhere With You (Extended Mix)
    Psych (Extended Mix)
    Dreams Teach Us (Original Mix)
    Crossroads (Extended Mix)
    Youre Never Alone (Extended Mix)
    Tidal Wave (Extended Mix)
    Winter In Your Heart (Extended Mix)
    Where I Want To Be (Extended Mix)
    Nobis (Extended Mix)
    Shallow (Daniel Kandi Extended Remix)
    Just A Fool (Extended Mix)
    Autumn Lights (Original Mix)
    Esperanza (Extended Mix)
    Burns Of Desire (Extended Mix)
    Tears of Joy (Extended Mix)
    173:51 286 раз 398 MB, 320 kbps 48
  • TranceBest-2022-Q3
    Symphony (Extended Mix)
    My Own Way (Extended Mix)
    Nova (Original Mix)
    Through Your Eyes (Extended Mix)
    Alive (Extended Mix)
    Restless (Club Mix)
    Paradigm (Extended Mix)
    Four To Three (Extended Mix)
    Angel (Extended Mix)
    Let Me (Original Extended)
    Two Sides (Original Mix)
    Peace of Mind (Progressive Mix)
    Me And You (Original Mix)
    Eternity (Extended Mix)
    Called By A Whisper (Extended Mix)
    Hug Me (Extended Mix)
    Daylight (Extended Mix)
    The Light (Extended Mix)
    2022 (Extended Mix)
    Exodus (Extended Mix)
    Light (Extended Mix)
    Epic Love (Edit Mix)
    Strong (Dan Cooper Extended Mix)
    The Hero In Me (Extended Mix)
    When We Say Goodbye (Christopher Corrigan Remix)
    One Little Step (Extended Mix)
    All Over Again (Extended Mix)
    To The Stars (Extended Mix)
    It Only Takes One (To Say Goodbye) (Extended Mix)
    Time Will Tell (Original Mix)
    166:27 157 раз 381 MB, 320 kbps 25
  • TranceBest-2022-Q2
    Everything Is Going To Be Ok (Extended Mix)
    I Can Give You (Original Mix)
    I Believe (Original Mix)
    My Only One (feat Maml) (Aurosonic Extended Remix)
    Love Is An Act of Courage (Extended Mix)
    Skyfall (Extended Mix)
    Promises (Myon Extended Summer Of Love Reboot)
    Crawling (Extended Mix)
    Destiny (LTJ YArd Edit)
    The Pulse (Extended Mix)
    Love Of Yesterday (Original Mix)
    Free My Mind (Extended Mix)
    Erosh (Original Mix)
    Vapour Trails (Original Mix)
    Made For You (Extended Mix)
    Unconditional (Extended Mix)
    Only You (Original Mix)
    Karma (Extended Mix)
    Reappeared (Extended Mix)
    Colours City (Steven Liquid Extended Remix)
    Filling Up The Sky (Original Mix)
    Vanity (Extended Mix)
    Amber Rain (Original Mix)
    Falling (Extended Mix)
    Flare (Extended Mix)
    Crystal City (Extended Mix)
    Mountaineer (Derek Palmer Extended Remix)
    Faster Than Light (Original Mix)
    After Dark (Extended Mix)
    To Be Who You Are (Extended Mix)
    153:16 160 раз 351 MB, 320 kbps 34


Родился, долго учился, быстро женился, неторопясь развелся, по ходу работал. Благодаря транс-музыке пока еще живу...

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