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Авторский трек: Ivan Roudyk, Red Max, Soraya Vivian-Someday (Original) ELECTRICA RECORDS


Having recorded "Aphrodisiac" with British House Diva Shena, the artist continued experimenting with vocalists from the West and this time Soraya Vivian came in his sight.

Soraya was approached by lifted house (Fredde le Grande, Ida Corr, Camille Jones) to write and vocal their latest production which was released by Warner music and topped the charts in Sweden, Finland and Italy. Soraya followed on by collaborating with Marc Maris, Sampson + Mason, Mikey Dalton, Dave Ramone, Chris Monata, pinups, DJ Neo, Studiopunks, Jason herd, esquire to name but a few.

Roudyk was shown a «Someday» demo and he loved it straight away.

Ivan Roudyk: "I have been waiting for the opportunity to work with such a material for a long time, this was a real gem that needed cutting, and I was more than happy to get such a gift of fate".

The single was recorded at both Moscow and London-based studios, Ivan has invited his friends to work on the new project -- Alexandr Gusev, Dmitry Kolosov, Alexey Malashenko and Maxim Sirohin (Red Max). Together with Red Max the DJ and producer had recorded the main version of the track. They also worked together on the "Miller Time" and "Welcome to Moscow Halloween" projects before.


Produced by Ivan Roudyk
Copyright: Electrica Records
Publisher: Music 2 Business

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Стили: House, Electro
Записан: 01 октября 2013
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