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Авторский трек: Got Something Good (Dance Mix)


al l bo - Got Something Good (2023)

Songwriting (composer, lyricist), lead and back vocals, instrumental mix, mixing and mastering, production by Alexander 'al l bo' Bobrov

Song lyrics

Verse 1
What would it take to make you stay?
Suddenly, you are gone! Ohh, i'm alone!
Everything was so great: we danced allnight faraway!

Do you remember nothing but trust?
You was my best, i'm best for you - you know, it's true!
But who can show, which the way you went to the stars to be someone new?

I got something good, something good -
The story of love, the taste of your love!
I got something good, something good -
Remembrance of love!

Verse 2
I'm going back to where we're blessed -
Morning time, small coffee shop, our long slow dance.
A ray of sun plays its game on your face to the quiet of jazz.

You whisper that forever we are.
I think at last i learned to fly thought didn't try!
Nothing but this sunshine, then i realise outside paradise.

Something good! i know, i got something good, yeah,
Something good! to keep dance. gonna fly!
We're dancing over night, because still alive, over night.

(C) 2023 Alexander Bobrov

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Стиль: Disco
Записан: 07 февраля 2023
Добавлен: 07 февраля 2023, 02:10
BPM: 115


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