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Авторский трек: al l bo - Amore Italiano (feat. MOTA)


Songwriter (lyrics by, composed by), vocals / back vocals. vocal recording & mixing, mastering / phonogramm - Alexander Bobrov (al l bo); Instrumental mix (arrangement) / mixing of instrumental mix - MOTA

al l bo - Amore Italiano
Songwriter - Alexander Bobrov

Verse 1
Beautiful day,
I'm doing not so bad.
I am walking on american land.
in my shining, shining, shining
italian shoes.

Beautiful world,
Ready to score a goal:
i am picking up my sweet local girl
in my shining, shining, shining
italian shoes.

Amore Italiano!

Verse 2
I am new here -
Still have no income,
But honey girl
loves red wine with a ham.
So i told her, told her, told:
"I'm rich from Rome".
Now i must run to the bar of my friend:
"Give me the dinner for two in the debt
And I will pay, i'll pay, i'll pay
from next parcel from home!".

Amore Italiano!

Verse 3
Evening is so good!
We ate, had softly talk.
Girl wants in park to have hugs in a walk.
So, i'm in mess, in mess, in mess:
there is a stall with a kebab.
Seller arab knows that I am not a rich.
Exactly say, he will do evil pitch:
every girl, my girl, my girl
he tries to snitch!

Amore Italiano!

Verse 4
I'm clever boy
therefore my life is so good!
Girl in romance and i'm in ginger mood:
Why should go, we go, we go
somewhere to fondle?
I take her by waist
and start dancing right
on widest street in the night city light.
Rich passerby look us, look us and envy my life!

Amore Italiano!

(C) Alexander Bobrov / WorldOfBrights

* * *

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Стиль: Disco House
Записан: 16 июля 2019
Добавлен: 19 июля 2019, 14:30
BPM: 133


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