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Songwriter (composed by, lyrics by), vocals / back vocals, vocal mixing, re-mastered by / phono - al l bo 
Arrangement (remix), instrumental track, instrumental track mixing - laszlo Nikulin

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"Man From The Moon" Lyrics
Songwriter - Alexander Bobrov

Verse 1
There's not my house or home:
Just a beautiful space,
Where i'm alien under this dome.
Like off broken ship,
on this ground was born,
que a one of those people flat heap.

I remember a swan from the
fog of the morning
Flown to skywell to his reflection,
It's a beautiful fairy moment -
flap of wings for the new affection.

I remember a swan from the
fog of the morning
Flown to skywell in souls attraction,
It's a beautiful fairy moment -
When the man from moon finds your own possession.

Verse 2
Biggest towns as hearts
Of this planet i'm reached -
With their music of regular bars.
Loved a lot of around
Faces look like we are,
But it's, finally, just a lonely pound.

i wish to take you with me in way to moon,
man from the moon!

i wish to help you go up in way to moon,
sense, how i feel it! ohh

* * * 

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Стиль: Deep House
Записан: 22 января 2018
Добавлен: 01 февраля 2018, 20:56
BPM: 125


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