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Songwriter (composed by, lyrics by), vocals / back vocals, vocal mixing, mastered by - al l bo

Arrangement, instrumental track, instrumental track mixing - Mota

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al l bo - Night Moves (Lyrics)

Verse 1 

Oh, baby, 

do you want 

in the dance 

be a part of me? 

i'm a part of you! 

Oh, baby, 

catch it! 

can't you see? 

you're ready for me - 

i am ready for you! 


Shine tonight 

In a special dance 

Going to excite! 

it's allright! 

We got a lucky night 

That night so deuced bright! 


Night Moves - 

That the best what i choose. 

Night Moves - 

we will learn it tonight. 

Night Moves 

we approach to the fuse 

Night Moves 

Everything'll be allright. 

Verse 2 

oh, baby, 

do you know 

when i met you 

on this way 

the love was born? 

Oh, baby, 

Love me! 

It can be 

My happiest day 

That i didn't earn. 

Co-Choruses 1-3 

Night Moves 

Is our love with you! 

Night Moves 

Is a special dance 

Of the love impulse! 


love doesn't need words. 


love doesn't need words. 

to explains right. 


love doesn't need words. 

in the perfect night.

* * *

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Стиль: Disco
Записан: 02 августа 2017
Добавлен: 11 октября 2017, 15:22
BPM: 125


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