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Songwriter (composed by, lyrics by), vocals / back vocals, vocal mixing, mastered by / phono - al l bo
Arrangement, instrumental track, instrumental track mixing - SemenovЪ

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al l bo - City Is My Band (Lyrics)
Original song
Song Lyrics
Composed by, Lyrics by - Alexander Bobrov

Verse 1
My sweet, expect for you and me night that we can't forget.
It will be our hipsta time for two, a little wet.
Call me till midnight, don't upset!

I'll wait for you, more passionately than the heritage.
City will shine for us, 'cause our love will on the edge.
Don't make of me lonely hero on its stage.

City is my band -
while i'm walking to the streats tonight.
City is my band -
while i'm dancing under signboards light.
When i'm blue, When i'm blue, When i'm blue, When i'm blue
for you, about you,
When i'm blue, When i'm blue, When i'm blue, When i'm blue
for you, about you.

Verse 2
You know, my sweet, grief of the lonely is not my choice this night.
I need to get you in the neon lights, your black and white.
Ohh, you have stolen my heart.

Tonight we'll listen dusty tunes on crumpled noisy tapes.
I'll take in my cab for you something for the fairy tales.
Call me, the expensive time is on exale.

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Стиль: Disco
Записан: 28 сентября 2017
Добавлен: 28 сентября 2017, 23:59
BPM: 115

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