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Авторский трек: al l bo - On The Dance Floor (original mix, feat. Black Mafia DJ)


Аранжировка, сведение, мастеринг - Black Mafia Dj / al l bo 

Композиция, текст, вокал, бэк вокал, запись, ремастеринг - al l bo 

Arrangment, mixing, mastering by Black Mafia Dj / al l bo 
Composed, lyrycs, vocals, back-vocals, recording, remastering by al l bo 

* * *

al l bo - On The Dance Floor (текст песни)

Verse 1 
when i look at you, 
i fall in love. 
maybe have only one night? 
and my dreams come true 
when stars above 
mmm disappear in dancing light. 

Do you know this's a magic time 
to start a new life. 
Do you want me to be a regent? 
Together we'll need a rime 
to be alright. 
this night becomes to be a legend! 

on the dance floor 
we wanna turn that toxic night 
into love fact! 
what I feel to gonna be fine! 

on the dance floor 
you're so heat to being mine. 
claim for love fact! 
what I feel to gonna be fine! 

Verse 2 
people moved around 
looks like a reflex 
of our dance in disco cristal. 
let's run away out! 
what's up next? 
i need to get your heart,instant. 

This music can be making us 
mmm so close 
to disappear in each other. 
i'm in risky way! it was 
a power of love. 
this night for you my nameless lover!

* * *

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Записан: 09 января 2017
Добавлен: 13 января 2017, 08:16
BPM: 100
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