Микс: IF (Musical / Мюзикл) - EP version

  • IF (Musical / Мюзикл) - EP version
    Микс Hip-Hop Funk Jazz-Rap
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  • 00:00:00
    Middle of the Road
  • 00:03:30
    Spanish Love
  • 00:05:33
    Foget Me
  • 00:09:11
    The Mind
  • 00:11:29
    If Leaf Fall
  • 00:13:22
  • 00:15:36
    If Snow Aria
  • 00:17:53
    Ghost Dance
  • 00:19:52
  • 00:23:31
    If Feel You Same
  • 00:26:11
    If you're the last one
  • 00:28:21
    Feeling Template
  • 00:32:03
    To be a long together still
  • 00:35:22
    Great Expectations
  • 00:38:38
    Moon Angel
  • 00:41:30
    Sunset of Heaven
  • 00:45:17
    If Sun Luis
  • 00:47:24
    Another Lifetime
  • 00:49:51
    The Other One
  • 00:52:31
    If Last Day
  • 00:54:43
    If Rain


Инструментальная версия Мюзикла "IF" ("Если")
Сейчас в виде трэка, а затем в виде микса - кому как удобно ;-)
В ближайшие дни выпущу видео с инструментальной версией и лирикой мюзикла
Планирую этой весной/летом записать вокальные партии

Instrumental version of the musical "IF"
Now as a track, and then as a mix - as you like ;-)
In the coming days I will release a video with an instrumental version and lyrics of the musical
Next month I plan to record vocal parts

The plot of the musical - different people at the same time, or maybe the same person at different times or different previous lives, think, remember each other and themselves, want to love and be loved and understand the most important thing - you need to learn to love yourself and love others, and this is very difficult to understand and even more difficult to love. This may take a long time and may take more than one lifetime.

Terrible losses out of indifference, Parting from pride and stupidity, rejection of oneself and the inability to forgive oneself, Hope to find Happiness, Fear of losing loved ones, Calmness and Joy to be close to loved ones, and Again, everything in an endless circle of lives, fears, losses, hopes, meetings, love and happiness

YuriyVR x Leonard Rhyman & Band
YuriyVR - composer, piano, synthesizers, keyboard, vocal
Leonard Rhyman - drums, percursion, synthesizers

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Стили: Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz-Rap
Записан: 17 апреля 2022
Добавлен: 17 апреля 2022, 20:47
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