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    Alexey Perec. Styles House, Progressive house, a large scale and had a positive impact in my biography, I have gained considerable experience in this area, I am ready to develop new styles and influences, I win every night, lonely dance floor and begin a new era of the Movement in the night. Now there is no development in the metropolitan areas of club culture, power die out very quickly. But I know that happens a new movement. Who are you – a resident or person metropolis, with a bright outlook on life in the spaces between Russia and Europe. You came into the night world space club inject bright particle energies of love, all positive, giving rise to life, the joy of the fact that you are still alive and can translate that for everyone it seems completely unreal … dance-floor and the old-time sort things out its place …

    Perfected to the smallest movements of machinery, coupled with excellent musical taste, a terrific sense of the dance floor, incredible natural beauty and charm – so that even the most resistant woman can easily lose their heads at the expense of “time” – Alexey Perec did one of the most popular, popular and desirable (in the best sense of the word) dj not only in Irkutsk, but in the whole of Russia.

    Unlike many colleagues, blindly following “dusty” fashion trends in their sets and mixes Alexey Perec is guided, first and foremost, their own musical preferences. In his performance, even the familiar progressive-and vocal house-tracks take on new meanings, weaving in whimsical sound picture. Anyway, Alexey Perec is always relevant and in 100 out of 100 cases focused on the dance floor screaming for joy – now in its full-grown favorites go Dutch and Swedes Hardwell, Tiesto, Avicii, and the Swedish House Mafia, which in itself is already a certain “quality mark”.

    Alexey Perec never rests on his laurels, continuing to purposefully move forward and only forward. He tours extensively, participating in small private parties for a celebrity, and in the many thousands of festivals nationwide scale, regularly produces mixes, making his own music and, of course, remains one of the most interesting and creative DJ’s on the national club scene.


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