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  • The Edge
  • Gib Nicht Auf
  • Wie Der Sturm
  • Es Ist Krieg (Single Edit)
  • Friss Der Strib
  • Before I Go
  • Generation Dead
  • Auf Ewigkeit (Album Edit)
  • Masks
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Der Mann Im Spiegel
  • Eclipse (Club Edit)
  • Neustart
  • Tic Toc Tod (Club Edit)
  • Panopticon
  • Stumm
  • Gott Innen
  • Singularity
  • Every End Has A Start


INTENT:OUTTAKE is Dark Apocalyptic Electro project from Leipzig, Germany.
It's melodic, danceable Dark-Electro, which is to stimulate thought with its lyrics. Andreas and Bastian sang in German and English of social deficits and the disintegration of mankind and its environment. The greatest enemy of man is man himself.
There are some dates that will always have a special significance for Bastian and Andreas, including the 8th of June 2014. On that day, INTENT: OUTTAKE played their first concert at the 23rd WGT in Leipzig. As part of this gig, the two musicians presented their own songs to the interested audience in the K3 Lounge in Leipzig for the first time. Inspired by the invitation of this evening, the debut album "Wake Up Call", which was released in January 2015, was completed in the folgemonates.
After the first release, the band was on tour in Germany and released the single "Neustart" in the same year as the forerunner of the second album. The album "About Halos" followed in 2016 and led the two musicians on various festival platforms, also in the European countries. (c) LastFM


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Стиль: Electro-Industrial
Записан: 13 апреля 2023
Добавлен: 24 апреля 2023, 02:26
BPM: 100 — 140
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