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    • 01 августа 2010
      Killed-Psychical'''Killed-Psychical'' (lang-eng "убийственая Психическая") – под направления электронной музыки DRM-Psychical 5. Ответвление нач
    • 01 августа 2010
      Dark-Psychical '''Dark-Psychical'' (lang-eng "Темная Психическая") – под направления электронной музыки DRM-Psychical 5. Ответвление начиная с 1
    • 07 ноября 2009
      ==> TRANSformerDANCE 22/08 "Летучая Мышь" <== Киборги, Роботы и просто боты... Были на этой вечеринке... Как и следовало ожидать Весь 12 часовой но
    • 01 мая 2009
      DRMPsychical 5 (Психической 5 - DRMusica) Активируйте кнопку PLAY!! И Сделайте громче...!!от Апр 14 2009 г.Итак, приветствую вас вновь. Блог служит как озн
    • Диджей
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    Now is the time! Come for the emotions!!

    • Acid House
    Acid Jazz, Acid Rock, Acid Techno, Ambient Techno, Breakbeat, Club/Dance, DJ, Deep House, Detroit Techno, Disco House, Electro, Electro House, Electro-Industrial, Electro-Techno, Electroclash, Electronica, Experimental Electro, Experimental Techno, Gabba, Garage/House, Goa Trance, Hard House, Hard Techno/Schranz, Hard Trance, Hardcore, Hardcore Techno, House, Minimal Techno, Neo-Electro, Progressive Electronic, Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Psychedelic, Psychedelic/Garage, Rave, Speed Garage, Tech-House, Techno, Techno Bass, Techno-Dub, Techno-Tribal, Trance, Tribal-House, Trip-Hop, Turntablism, Urban
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     (c) GremWiser - on April 19, 2009.

    Approved by the fans of electronic music and club scene artists!

    Russia, RU - Magnitogorsk (2005 – present)


    (19 апреля 2009 года.)


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    Any form of plagiarism (counterfeit) and the use of phonograms for remixes, remakes, etc. without the author's permission is punishable by law of the Russian Federation of July 9, 1993 N 5351-I "On Copyright and Related Rights" (as amended on 19 July 1995, 20 July 2004). 

    - When using a website or unavailability of materials reference to the resource and specify the name (alias) of the author. 


    City: Russia, Chelyabinsk. Region, Magnitogorsk 

    Year of birth: => 36000 BC 

    Favorite styles: [Trance, Electro, Techno, DRM-Psychical 5] 

    Online Stores:,,,,,,,,, uk,,,,,,,, 

    And about 10 more stores. 

    EP, Releases Albums: 

    Black Photon EP, After End, Detroit Club, Techno Top Spring 2013, Twilight Techno Sessions Vol. 9, Techno Storm, Top Techno Spring 2014, Top Minimal Spring 2014, Best of Techno 2014, Best Spring Techno & Minimal, Techno Raspad EP EXCLUSIVE, 1 Nature, PornoShock Therapy, Vol. 18, Top Electro House Spring 2014, Kazantip First Party, Summer Techno. 

    LABELS: SSG Label, Fang production, SimplySound Recordings, Style Records, Last FM (affiliate program), White Storm Records, Cool Club Records., Diamond's Soul, Veles Records, (affiliate program), SSG Label, Mechanism Music Label , LW Recordings, PornoShock and last label intelligent music (IM music) Soundfield and Online House Music and Online Techno Music. 

    Note: you can not write? 

    Contact: GremWiser and studio FG Prod. 

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    Write here: gremeir555 (dog) 

    ICQ #: 423-259-407 (not active)



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