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PAVEL GOATIKA is the energetic producer, musician, DJ and the founder of GOATIKA CREATIVE LAB (2006) that is international music laboratory.

At the very beginning of its creative searches GOATIKA incorporates different elements from Indian Classical Music, African Rhythms, Psychedelic Rock, Avant-Garde, with various ethno-palettes of different cultures and natural trance vibes. The project has no boundaries, but exists to express a dynamic melding of musical styles from all over the world.

GOATIKA Creative Lab's lineup differs with each performance, thus varying the mood and style of each show. Each participant shares something unique to build the sound. GOATIKA musicians strive to use the creative process to contribute a sound that is not so much a din, as a living breathing musical pulse.

Uniting the whole constellation of Russian and foreign musicians, GOATIKA Creative Lab creates and records five music albums and six DVDs during the first five years of its existence and conducts a dynamic concert activity.

From 2012 GOATIKA starts working towards Psytrance music style and presents two brand new musical programs – PSY TRANCE (145 bpm) and CHILL OUT (84-110 bpm), both programs are based on Goa PsyTribe vibe.

Since that time keeping on constant improving of both programs, GOATIKA attracts new talented members, tries original sounding, generates and develops new ideas and directions, expands the range of new possibilities.

GOATIKA Creative Lab with two live programs is a welcome guest and participant of all major European, Russian and worldwide trance and electronic music festivals, like BOOM Festival (Portugal), Shanti Sunset Festial  (Goa), SONICA Dance Festival (Italy), TANGRA Eco Art Dance Festival (Bulgaria), STICKY JAM Festival(Russia),nHILL TOP Festival (Goa), International Festival GREAT LIVE MUSIC (Goa), Black Moon Festival (Goa), O.Z.O.R.A. Festival (Hungary), Chill Out Planet Festival (Russia), Neverland Electronic Music Festival (Israel), SOLARIS (Russia), RE:BIRTH Festival (Japan), DANCE OF SHIVA Festival (Japan), Momento Demento Festival (Croatia), Desert Adventure Festival (Israel), PSYKTOBERFEST (Hungary),ANTARIS Project (Germany), GOA’S FULL-ON Music Festival (Goa), KEY TO THE SUMMER (Russia), HARMONIC Festival (France), SAMSARA Festival Europe (Hungary), SPIRITZ OF THE DJUNGEL (Sweden), CHILLTOP Festival (India).



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