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    I bought my first set of turntables way back in 1984 and have been DJing since about then.

    I started out by playing Soul and Hip-Hop in 1988 at various warehouse parties and club nights. In 1989 when the legendary rave scene took off, I began to play house music, performing regularly at Energy, Biology, Raindance, alongside such luminaries as Carl Cox,Grooverider and Mickey Finn.

    It was about this time I began to produce my own tracks, my first productions were under the name Psychotropic.

    The most well known track Hypnosis reached No 2 in the National Dance Chart in 1990. Around 1992 I began to concentrate on becoming a record producer. I was already a trained musician specializing in piano and flute and alongside my DJing skills, I felt this was a good grounding in
    music production.

    By 1994 my label Catch Records was up and running, the most noted track on the label were T.J.R 'Just Gets Better' which was a collaboration with Tuff Jam and reached No.28 in the UK national chart. Also, both 'Catch the Feelin' & Bad Boy's Move in Silence went on to become UK Garage anthems. As well as mixing all of the tracks on Catch Records, I produced and remixed with my partner Brian Tharme under thename Banana Republic and mixed tracks for Leena Conquest, Ronny Jordon, Reinforced and Suburban.

    More recently I have been programming for the Freestylers & The legendary Arthur Baker and working on a number of Underground Garage releases. The latest being Headtop, an album project that is going to rightly scare the pants off other UK Garage producers. Also Red or Dread another u.k garage project which is out on Locked On.

    Fruitbeard is also another production arm, it is a label with no restrictions on style, speed or genre. It is supported by a number of taste making DJ's such as Laurent Garnier, Norman Jay and Rae & Christian, plus all of these DJs have licenced tracks from us for various compilations. The label is run by long time friend and occassional DJ partner Feline.


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