Микс: 2023 HNY House Music Mix


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00:00:00 James Haskell - Feeling You (Extended Mix)
00:02:54 Hardsoul, Fierce Ruling Diva, CASSIMM - Self Religion (Believe In Me) feat. Fierce Ruling Diva (CASSIMM Extended Remix)
00:04:39 Maex, Point85 - The One (Sugarstarr's Longer Mix)
00:07:40 Club Soda, Purple Steel - Questa Notte (Original Mix)
00:09:58 Mr Jay - Chase This (Extended Mix)
00:12:45 Norty Cotto - No Pressure (Norty Cotto Pushing Remix)
00:15:48 Carlos Maza, Cristian DB, Juan Ferreyro - Reggae Man (Original Mix)
00:18:51 Vito Trix - Time For This (Extended mix)
00:21:39 Ed Brumwell - Calling you (Extended Mix)
00:24:41 Luca Debonaire, Maickel Telussa - Tell Me What You Feel (Original Mix)
00:27:29 Sean Finn - Cada Vez (Extended Mix)
00:30:01 Sky Blu, TELYKast - Feel Alive (with Sky Blu of LMFAO) (Original Mix)
00:31:50 Roberth in da house - Afro House (ReMix)
00:35:08 The Deepshakerz - I Need U Now (Main Mix: Beatport Exclusive Mix)
00:37:40 Gabriel Boni, Santino, Schutzer - Dimensão (Extended Mix)
00:40:34 Siwell - Sinnerman (2022 Extended Version)
00:42:53 Max Steeler - Ghostbusters (Original Mix)
00:46:00 Kid Enigma, CASSIMM - Get On The Funk (Extended Mix)
00:48:47 David Sandoval, Rosant - Goes (Original Mix)
00:51:20 James Hurr, Tasty Lopez - Til We Break It Down (Extended Mix)
00:53:52 Joey Avila, Lost at the Rave - Fried Chicken & Disco (Original Mix)
00:56:56 Delkode - Tabogo (Original Mix)

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    Just Don't Care (Original Mix)
    Stay High (Extended)
    Beat It Up (Extended Mix)
    Forever Always (Anthony Attalla Remix)
    Oh Yeah (Extended Mix)
    City Light (Original Mix)
    Make Em Bounce (Extended Mix)
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    Sobre La Arena (feat. Mathieu Ruz) (Extended Mix)
    I Feel You Tonight (Original Mix)
    Breaking Point (Extended Club Dub Mix)
    Let The Music Take You High (DJ Kone & Marc Palacios Remix)
    Seek Shelter (Original Mix)
    The Word (J Paul Getto 'Classic Mix' - Angelo Ferreri Refixed)
    In My Soul (Extended Mix)
    Back To The 00s (Original Mix)
    The Cult Of Africa (Original Mix)
    Talima (Extended Mix)
    Jack 'Em Up (Alex Rai Remix)
    Live Is Life (Extended Mix)
    Bam Bam (Original Mix)
    Lift Off (Extended Mix)
    Reckless Girl (Radio Mix)
    To The Point (Extended Mix)
    60:00 1367 раз 137 MB, 320 kbps 334
Стили: House, Club/Dance, Dance
Записан: 01 января 2023
Добавлен: 02 января 2023, 14:49
BPM: 126
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