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    • Диджей

    • Progressive House
    Progressive Trance, Tech-House, Deep House, Nu Disco


    Azima - trance duo, DJ's and producer's from Russia, consisting of
    Maxim Ru'bin (The Masquerade) and Denis Sidorov (Thomas N. Aspried) .
    Since 2010 the project is famous for its successful musical works in
    different spheres. Azima has come out well in making successful
    remixes. Their tracks got support from the World Djs, they were in
    many charts & sounded in different sets, radios and compilations.
    Azima is more than just a project, it's a hard work in studio, it's
    their own philosophy & it's always unique, cognate sound that never
    leaves the dancefloor unfazed.

    Resident on Pure.FM; guest of AH.FM, DI.FM


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