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Авторский трек: Arthur Volt - Nostalgia (French Skies Remix)

  • Arthur Volt - Nostalgia (French Skies Remix)

    Авторский трек Trance Progressive Trance
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Finally, we came across the third remix, produced by French Skies. The incredible skill of this guy and the quality of his songs is absolutely huge, and he has shown it again. This time, he has chosen a remix focused on a naughty sound, with a great bassline and a lot of changes, using a huge variety of different sounds. It would be hard to describe the type of music this remix follows, is a kind of naughty trance, with a vast power, perfect to be played on a main room. The breakdown brings some calm and a warm atmosphere, but it will soon start with the amazing uplift and its melody, making the perfect tension before everything goes crazy with the climax. Very complete track, plenty of power and party feeling. Quality trance that deserves the best.

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Стили: Trance, Progressive Trance
Записан: 03 июня 2014
Добавлен: 03 июня 2014, 20:54
BPM: 138


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