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Радио-шоу: Dance Planet - Episode 34


  • [3:24] . Clean Bandit - Everything But You feat. A7S (VIP Mix)
  • [3:53] . Tobtok & Wankelmut - Greenlight feat. Louis III (Extended Mix)
  • [3:41] . Uniryde - Losing Control (Extended Mix)
  • [4:45] . Seb Todd - Don't Go Back (Extended Mix)
  • [6:11] . Dom Dolla - Strangers (with Mansionair) (Extended Mix)
  • [5:04] . Maurice West - Sky Turns Dark (Extended Mix)
  • [3:58] . Bullet x YellowLight - Burn Me Like A Fire (Extended Mix)
  • [4:36] . Chemical Surf - Caught In A Feeling feat. Mammals (Original Mix)
  • [4:24] . Luca Debonaire - My Mistakes (Clubmix)
  • [3:51] . Mathieu Cetta - Losing Control (Extended Mix)
  • [4:26] . Vintage Culture, Sonny Fodera, Shells - Nightjar (feat. SHELLS) (Extended Mix)
  • [3:44] . Fancy Inc & Tom Westy feat. Evie Waters - Looking For Me (Malarkey Extended Remix)
  • [3:17] . Freaky DJs, SHOЦM - Again & Again (Extended Mix)
  • [3:24] . Alok feat. AuRa - Side Effect (Extended Mix)
  • [4:10] . DVRKO - Nothing I Wouldn't Do (VIP Extended Mix)
  • [3:41] . Elport - Family Affair (Extended Mix)
  • [3:53] . Love (Hz) - No Matter What (Extended Mix)
  • [4:02] . Mason Parks - Do It Right (Extended Mix)
  • [3:08] . Plastik Funk, Dario Trapani, Ivan Cappello feat. SH3 - Sweet Harmony (Plastik Funk Club Edit)

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Стили: Deep House, Club/Dance
Записан: 01 марта 2022
Добавлен: 03 марта 2022, 10:30
BPM: 126 — 127
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