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Авторский трек: al l bo - Territory Of My Sound (feat. Territory Of Sound)


Songwriter (lyrics by, composed by), vocals / back vocals, mastering / phonogramm - Alexander 'al l bo' Bobrov; Arrangement / Instrumental mix - Territory Of Sound

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al l bo - Territory Of My Sound
Songwriter - Alexander Bobrov

Verse 1
Can you feel it?
there is nobody here
but me and you.
It's like a magic -
empty dancing floor
for lonely two
underloved hearts
in shining of the music.
you are
my muse, and i'm in your arms.

[Ding-dong, ooo-yeah]
this music (is) so sweet,
[Ding-dong, ooo-yeah]
in out heartbeat.
[Ding-dong, ooo-yeah]
May be we'll meet
[Ding-dong, ooo-yeah]
for real true love.

[Our dance]
On (the) territory of my sound tonight
[is more than funky dance.]
I'm a only dj, you are dancer.
[Our dance]
Babe, why are you still here?
I'm right:
[is more than funky dance.]
our love is only anwer.

Verse 2
It's a deep night that can heal
lonely souls.
and this music is a pill,
flash of whole.
Moment of the high -
my looking at your dancing.
and i'm
inspired don't let you say goodbye.

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Стиль: Deep House
Записан: 03 ноября 2019
Добавлен: 02 ноября 2019, 23:58
BPM: 124


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