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Strict following the ideology of good musical taste in such styles as Minimal Techno, Progressive and Tech made Dj Sergey Jax aka Dj Sergey Jux one of the most vivid disc jockeys of Moscow. This is possibly one of really interesting underground manifestation of club culture presently.

Sergey's musical taste was carefully and consciously formed during the years and also thanks to true love for quality and simple texture of Minimal sounding except for all the manifestations of commercial advantage.

Dj Sergey Jax aka Dj Sergey Jux  is one of the organizers and participants of Moscow projects: "Instereo" and "Coda Group".

For years thematic parties are organized in different clubs of Moscow which are intended for quality of sound, relaxation and atmosphere.
Subtle melody, combined with gradual evolution from tranquility to rush and powerful rhythmic+..

- all of this is so harmoniously mixed in dj-sets of Dj Sergey Jax aka Dj Sergey Jux.
This will be pleasant, full of emotions and unforgettable enjoyment even for the most sophisticated listener.


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