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    Biography → A simple guy, who was born in 1981 year. Hardly could anyone find any differences between him and other young people in Estonia, but of course he had had his own passion, and it was electronics. Time went by and his passion became a part of his life. Then, he paid his attention for DJ Booth and his friends who had had some experinece and record mixing skills at the time. And isn't it ironic that he was ought to take control on record players and stand along the DJ Booth at one event that was dedicated to electronic music. And since that time his DJ career began. He recorded his first DJ Set in year 2002. First music style that he paid attention to was Jungle and Drum and Bass, but approximately after a year of experiments with electronic music he realised that the only genre that seems to matter something to him is HOUSE. While listening to the world famous HOUSE djs he began to buy special equipment that was needed to began not easiest way of a famous dj. Closer: DJ SPIRIN preffers Record players Technics. CD Players (sometimes is needed) Pioneer CDJ serries Headphones: SONY MDR 700 Recordbag: UDG that is usually consists of his favorite artist records, such as: Souldubt, Matio Fabriani, Johny Fiasco, Chus & Ceballos, Jay J, Tony Thomas, Miguel Migs, David Penn, Rulers of the Deep, Joey Jougman, Mazi and many many others. Favorite record labels are: Airtight, Stereo-productions, Defected, 3beat, Jamayka Recordings, Jacked etc. Now You can hear DJ Spirin playing all around Estonia and Baltic States. Dj Spirin is considered to be one of the most respectable russian speaking DJ in Estonia. Good taste, perfect mixing skills, deep understanding of music this is the words for DJ SPIRIN! Own project: Nu-Cool Member of: Era.ee crew Dj Spirin is looking forward meeting with producers that are interested in a co-operation. www.era.ee


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