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    My interest to dj-ing has appeared in 2005. There was a desire to learn and understand elements of a trade dj, but there was no opportunity for its embodiment. Since 2005 often I visit night clubs as clubber. At visiting parties I did not pay special attention on dj's standing up for the board, more important for me was - the music playing from columns. Listening and absorbing in myself I understood it more and more, that itself I wish to create mood on a dance-floor. That from columns my favourite tracks sounded. In the beginning of 2007 has laid down for itself the aim - to become dj.
    In February of the same year I write down the first set in style ELECTRO HOUSE. Having lead pair private parties, there is a huge interest to this creativity. In 2008 has started to play on the professional equipment in a night club "METRO". The basic preference I give ElectroHouse/ElectroClash. " Music it's my life "


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