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  1. Tinnitus 911 Manufacturing companies today focus on the cosmetic aspect. The dimensions of modern models have significantly decreased due to the shift buttons and volume controls in the control panel. In this case, the console itself is more like a small key chain - light and convenient to fit in your hand. Changes will bring the user the maximum sense of comfort: if earlier switching was made to the touch, now you can see all the buttons and controls. Moreover, the patient can decide on the color of the case, choose a model that is masked under the skin or hair. Such innovations are foreseen in order to always be able to introduce new characteristics under the hearing which improves under the influence of the hearing instrument, and not acquire a new one. Hearing Aids Adaptation period The third stage after the purchase of the device will be adaptation. You will have to get used to the presence of an extra element - the hearing aid itself - in your ears, and to the new sound of voices and various noises. Naturally, this will take some time, the duration of which for each is strictly individual. But even during the adaptation period, our doctors will be with you, as it is likely that you will need to change the settings of the hearing aid. Depending on your feelings - positive or negative - the doctor will make the correction until the clarity and other parameters completely satisfy you. You will also be required to strictly monitor compliance with the instructions attached to the hearing aid. Do not forget that the main function of the product is to amplify the sound at frequencies where your organ of hearing cannot cope with the sound perception on its own. It is not necessary to assume that the hearing aid eliminates hearing loss, it only compensates for it. All manipulations associated with fitting and checking the settings are carried out in the traditional way, using the so-called “sound field”. This means that you will try on the device in a room where there are no sounds at all. https://www.healthsuperclub.com/tinnitus-911/
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