1. 01 ASC - Prayers for abandoned cosmonauts02 Echoes - Open air (Original mix)03 ASC - The infinity pool04 Artissound - Transition (Original mix)05 ASC - Throughout the years06 ASC - Satellite's final voyage07 ASC - Are we on the same wavelength08 Placid Breeze - Siempl09 ASC- Full circle10 ASC - Voices from distant stars11 ASC - Falling from the sky12 Sinoptik music - Leaving deep (Meditation mix)13 ASC - So many questions14 Sinoptik music - When you are with me (Original mix)15 ASC - Nothing to lose16 ASC - Washed away over time17 ASC - If only for a minute18 ASC - The derelict outpost19 ASC - Shoals20 Ludovico Einaudi - Fly


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