• 01.Avfallen-plastic apple
  • Dubstep


Plastic Apple is a symbol of empty but simultaneity bright and fake emotions and words. Beautiful, and looks tasty but it's not for eating. We sometimes pretending and have these fake emotions, and become similar to the plastic apple. Behind "Plastic Apple" stands Dzmitry Budnik - electronic music producer from Belarus. His thoughts are: "The idea of ​​the appearance of the track formed arguments of my friends. The fact that the trans is out of date, that is music to the stadiums and not for the clubs. So I decided to mix trance and dubstep to create something new and relevant to all."

Technical Sheet:
Artist - Avfallen
Single - Plastic Apple
Cat No. - BRSP2
Release Date - 20.12.2012

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Стиль: Dubstep
Добавлен: 31 января 2013, 10:42


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