• In My World - Summer 2013 synth mix -
  • Synth Pop
(intro) "MESH" AB Incidental No. 10
"CRYO" First Light
"AND ONE" Shining Star
"BLUTENGEL" You Walk Away
"ASSEMBLAGE 23" Impermanence
"COVENANT" Judge of My Domain
"CRYO" Freedom
"De/VISION" Until The End Of Time (Hearhere's Parship Edit)
"LOWE" Breathe In Breathe Out
"MESH" You Want Waht's Owed To You
"REPLICANT (feat. Glenn Gregory)" X-posed (edit)
"AND ONE" Memory
"CONJURE ONE" Like Ice (Chris B Remix)
"BLUTENGEL" When I Feel You
"DEPECHE MODE" Soothe My Soul
"MICHIGAN" Miseries
(outro) "MICHIGAN" Pulse Of Pain
78:13 34 раза 107 MB, 192 kbps 11


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  1. (intro) "MESH" AB Incidental No. 10
  2. "CRYO" First Light
  3. "AND ONE" Shining Star
  4. "BLUTENGEL" You Walk Away
  5. "ASSEMBLAGE 23" Impermanence
  6. "BABYLONIA" By My Side
  7. "COVENANT" Judge of My Domain
  8. "CRYO" Freedom
  9. "De/VISION" Until The End Of Time (Hearhere's Parship Edit)
  10. "LOWE" Breathe In Breathe Out
  11. "MESH" You Want Waht's Owed To You
  12. "REPLICANT (feat. Glenn Gregory)" X-posed (edit)
  13. "AND ONE" Memory
  15. "CONJURE ONE" Like Ice (Chris B Remix)
  16. "BLUTENGEL" When I Feel You
  17. "DEPECHE MODE" Soothe My Soul
  18. "MICHIGAN" Miseries
  19. (outro) "MICHIGAN" Pulse Of Pain



01. (intro) MESH - AB Incidental No. 1
02. CRYO - First Light
03. AND ONE - Shining Star
04. BLUTENGEL - You Walk Away
05. ASSEMBLAGE 23 - Impermanence
06. BABYLONIA - By My Side
07. COVENANT - Judge of My Domain
08. CRYO - Freedom
09. De/VISION - Until The End Of Time (Hearhere's Parship Edit)
10. LOWE - Breathe In Breathe Out
11. MESH - You Want Waht's Owed To You
12. REPLICANT (feat. Glenn Gregory) - X-posed (edit)
13. AND ONE - Memory
15. CONJURE ONE - Like Ice (Chris B Remix)
16. BLUTENGEL - When I Feel You
17. DEPECHE MODE - Soothe My Soul
18. MICHIGAN - Miseries
19.(outro) MICHIGAN - Pulse Of Pain

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    "Mind.In.A.Box" Leave
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    "Beborn Beton" Im Inneren Frau (APB remix)
    "Welle Erdball" Die Zeitmaschine
    "Grossstadtgefluster" Lebenshlauf (Lang)
    "BlutEngel" Schneekonigin
    "Wave In Head" Mit Dir
    "Dust Of Basement" Turmdrehkran
    "Camouflage" Kling Klang
    "Wave In Head" Ein Wondervoller Tag
    "Melotron" Bruder
    (outro) "Ravenous" Eine Mark Fuer Charly
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  • (intro) "Frozen Autumn" The Forgotten Frontier
    "And One" Nyctophiliac
    "De/Vision" Until The End Of Time
    "Schiller feat. Jaki Liebezeit" Leidenschaft
    "Beborn Beton" Who Watches The Watchmen
    "Patenbrigade: Wolff" Treibgut
    "Daybehavior" Silent Dawn (paramaterial remix)
    "Delerium feat. Azure Ray" Keyless Door
    "Depeche Mode" Nothing's Impossible (dark vector remix)
    "Celluloide" L'Amour Est Clair
    "Michigan" The Gravity
    "Electro Spectre" Heartbeat (Cryo remix)
    "Cryo" Does It Hurt
    "And One" Love Me
    "DJ Alika Dakota" Fall To Pieces (original mix)
    "18 Summers" Phoenix From The Flames
    "CyaN-X" Genesis
    (outro) "Patenbrigade: Wolff" Heimweg
    80:00 53 раза 2 183 MB, 320 kbps 25
Записан: 09 июля 2013
Добавлен: 12 января 2016, 21:42
BPM: 95 — 179


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