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    Current Residencies: - TARTUBASS /Tartu, Estonia/ - ACTIVE ATACK /Valga, Estonia/ 2 years - TRIPLE JUMP /Tartu, Estonia/ 5 years - NU ERA /Estonia/ - EAST WEST /Tallinn, Estonia/ 2 years - I LOVE DNB /Riga, Latvia/ 2 years - FONOFEST /Cesis, Latvia/ Future Dates: - check http://alexh.pri.ee Top 10: - check http://alexh.pri.ee Mixes: - check http://alexh.pri.ee Passed Gigs: - There are countless number of big raves, small underground parties and open air during last 8 years of djing. From Estonia to Latvia and back to Estonia across Lithuania, Armenia and Russia. Short Bio: - 1997s the year when start have been done. Three guys: Grom, Tidi and Alex H decided to create own kru Mixsta Kru and began to play hard and acid techno. Style has been changed during next two years. Under influence of those artists like Roni Size, Adam F and of cause EZ Rollers kru opened magic world of drumnbass. - From jungle and techstep to mellow and jump up there are no limits for Alex H. His style can be described in three words: energy, fun and smile. - From year 2000 Alex H has been resident and promoter of first estonian underground club VARJEND2000 (recently closed in year 2004 after nine years non stop parties). - Year 2003 DJ GENERATION in Yerevan his biggest open air 40 000 people, 50Kw soundsystem and invitation to next year. - Year 2005 he became member of MUTATED FORMS (look for forthcoming 12 on Formation Rec) - For the moment Alex H is busy with djing across Estonia and Latvia. Producing: - half of due HOPELESS BROTHERS, producing funky house and jazzy dnb. - member of MUTATED FORMZ


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