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PROTOP100 России


RELEASE DATE: 2016-10-08
LABELS: WorldOfBrights / Stellar Map WorldWide
STYLES: Chillout | Trap | Chill-trap | Breaks | Electronica

"Special deep-trap album "Beats On Vibe" by leading russian electronic musician, remixmaker & dj - Sairtech (Moscow) gives opportunity to immerse yourself into the depths of your subconscious to feel new emotions and insights in very chilled and magical athmosphere of this music."

released October 8, 2016

Tracklist of Beats On Vibes (album megamix):

00:00:00 Sairtech, al l bo - Around The World (Remix)
00:03:23 Sairtech, al l bo - Moscow Matrix (Remix)
00:06:34 Sairtech, Clouds Testers - Test It! (Remix)
00:10:20 Sairtech, al l bo - Sorry for me (Original Mix)
00:12:48 Sairtech, al l bo - Kate (Original Mix)
00:15:55 Sairtech, al l bo - Around The World (Instrumental Remix)
00:17:28 Sairtech - Morning of Space (Original Mix)

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Записан: 08 октября 2016
Добавлен: 12 октября 2016, 15:22
BPM: 115 — 130


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