Arthur Volt


Second remix has been signed by Neo Kekkonen and, as the title shows, the bpm ratio has been increased until 140. But, surprisingly, the remixer has achieved a very soft sound over this bpm ratio, transforming the song but keeping its trance soul with a wonderful progression and a very subtle baseline, staying far from the big power of the uplifting songs. This is indeed a song that will stun us since its very beginning with the incredible stream of beauty it releases. The breakdown shows more heavenly sounds, creating an atmosphere of pure beauty. But the main melody will soon start its progression and will give a high dosis of power to the breakdown. A very unique song, which has enhanced the original and also has kept the most part of its essence. Congratulations to Neo Kekkonen.

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Стили: Progressive Trance, Trance
Записан: 12 января 2015
Добавлен: 13 января 2015, 20:31
BPM: 140

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